Three Ways Children Benefit From Storybook Child Care

Kids attending the Storybook Child Care receive one of the best environments for their mental development and educations in the area. The school, which is located in West Islip, NY, provides various projects and programs for children of all ages. Each age range has unique activities to participate in on a daily basis, ensuring they are learning in a safe, yet fun way.


Children can benefit from Storybook Child Care Education in three ways.

They Receive Physical Education Classes

Each week, students receive at least two to three sessions of physical education. During these physical sessions, the younger age groups work on basic skills, such as catching, throwing, and kicking. Older students continue to improve their skills, as well as participate in sports and other activities.

They Get to Learn Outdoors

Outdoor education is an important part of learning. At the Storybook Child Care, each student gets to experience the outdoors by taking class trips and participating various challenges for different age groups. Being outside also allows children to learn more about the environment.

They Learn, How To Use Technology

Today’s world requires use of technology. While some may not have the proper equipment to do so at home, they will get lessons in technology at school. With a lab equipped with multiple computers, and iPads and laptops available for use, each student will get to experience technology firsthand.


Storybook Kids center provides many benefits to the children who participate in it. By attending the Storybook Kids center, kids receive more than a standard education. Each student learns how to use technology, gets to spend time participating in outdoor activities, and receives a physical education that will keep them active.

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