Story Book Kids Daycare & Learning Center


When it comes to daycare or early childhood education in West Islip, New York you can’t ask for more than Storybook Kids Center. Children here can be enrolled as young as infant and stay up to 5 years of age. Their programs include both half day and extended day programs for all ages which vary in price. In the toddler program children attending should be turning 2 years of age by December of the year she or he was born.


Children grow up faster than we would like and all too soon it is time to get them started on their educational path. When your child is ready to start learning you need to choose the right daycare or education center. You need to choose a center that will offer the right education for your child. You need to choose a center that truly cares about your child and your child’s needs. Storybook kids center is here to give you the help that you need and to offer your child the learning experience that he or she deserves.


Through the help of Storybook kids center your child can learn about the world around them. Storybook kids center helps to guide your child through their early learning experience. Storybook kids center looks out for your child in every way while encouraging them to learn and grow. Storybook kids center offers the help that your child needs as he or she begins to grow up. Through the help of an early learning center you can get your child’s education started in the best way.

Storybook kids center will encourage a love of learning in your child, helping him or her succeed in all that they choose to do.